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PAR 4's



Price: $900 

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The “Par 4” Jordan IV’s are a golf inspired pair of custom shoes that were created for a client who attended The Master’s Golf Tournament every year. 



The shoes details consist of a golf ball texture that is burned by hand into the shoes utilizing a wood burner. The design is embedded consistently throughout the shoe in a flowing manner. There are also hand-painted grass details on the midsole, a “sand trap” inspired color towards the front toe box, and light grey detailing throughout the shoe that were specifically requested by the client. To complete this top tier design a 3D sculpted, printed, and painted golf club charm was created by Art for completion of the shoe aesthetic.



  • A Custom Designed Pair of Golf Inspired Shoes

  • 3D Sculpted and Printed Golf Club Shoe Charm

  • Kube Kid Designer Toy (Golf pattern inspired)

  • Insurance for artwork 



This preorder is for those who wish to SEND ME THEIR SHOES to customize and only pay for the cost of labor. The shoe must be a NEW PAIR of PINE GREEN JORDAN 4 RETRO SB’s (pictured below). PLEASE CONFIRM THE SHOES WITH ME PRIOR TO SENDING. This is to ensure you receive your shoes in a timely fashion. Not sending the correct shoe can result in the shoes being sent back to you, which will delay your order and someone potentially replacing your spot. You may confirm the shoe with me on Instagram via DM if you are unsure.  You can look purchase the shoe from your local sneaker shop, StockX, or GOAT app to list a few options. 










This design was initially created for single person; however, with the growing demand and outpour of appreciation for the design, I have decided to customize a few more pair. With that in mind, they will no longer be referred to as “Master 4’s” but “PAR 4’s” and the word “Masters” will not be included on the side of the shoe to avoid any legal actions that may arise in the future. The side of the shoe will read “PAR 4’s” in a similar font instead. The Kube Kid designer toy will have the same changes made to the wording.


A lot of people did not understand the light grey 11, dice and lucky 11 details on the shoe, that is because it was designed to be specific to that client. You will have the option to list a few details you’d like to replace those details when ordering or you may also choose to keep the area blank. As these are customized shoes, your personal ideas can be incorporated into this design.



This is a Preorder and as stated to many of you on Instagram, I will begin working on these orders in January 2024 and the goal is to have them done before The Masters in April on a first come, first serve basis. Ordering now with this pre-order ensures your spot if you intend on rocking them for the tournament. Please trust the process and know I’ll be working diligently on getting your orders out. Updates will be given as the process ensues. 



Orders will be shipped once they are completed and a tracking number will be sent. The shoes will be insured with shipping. Once the shoes are shipped, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. If any issues arise, please contact the shipping company. Customers are responsible for any extra duties or fees incurred for orders outside of the U.S. 

SHIP THE SHOES TO THIS ADDRESS: (Be sure to input the address directly as shown)


43824 20TH ST WEST





All sales are final.  

Shoes are durable for wearing but they are painted and not indestructible. Please wear with caution. Shoes are waterproof and can be cleaned using mild soap and water and without deep scrubbing.


With all of that being said, we would like to thank you for considering ArtByArt, LLC. to commission a custom piece of Art for you.


Always customizing, 


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